Procedural Sequencer

Carpe Tuesday

Countless hours of careful analysis of all our favourite musical genres crystalized a number of hotspots of interesting musical math. Further tweaking solidified these into 13 algorithms, each describing the topology of a melody. We have put these algorithms (and the internal clock divider) at the heart of Tuesday so it can support you in making a melody and holding it together.

The Beep Goes On

Tuesday came around with live performance in mind. With Tuesday in your system, the beep goes on!
You can be noodling line over line and always return to the melody you make with Tuesday. You can sync Tuesday  –  full on or in division – with an external clock source up to 24 PPQN or set the beat manually between 20 and 240 bpm.

The X and Y knobs let you tweak the parameters of every algorithm, changing the dimensions of the melody and giving you a vast mathematical space to play with. For every melody you can also choose different musical scales, number of beats per loop and number of ticks per beat. The ! knob swings the density of the notes in your melody from almost none to all of them.

You can change these pleasant arrangements of notes (aka a melody) based on your input. You might modulate a range of octaves or the relative distance between the occurrence of notes, you can build melody decoration or walks and riffs that keep going. And this modulation  might all change again when you select a different algorithm.

Between your selection of algorithm, your settings and the incoming modulation, the possibilities seem endless but Tuesday is not random and a melody once made can be found again and taken on stage.


Type Procedural Sequencer
Width 12HP
Depth 20mm (skiff friendly)
Power usage +12V 80mA
Power usage -12V  2mA