The Team

Stijn Haring-Kuipers

Principal inventor, CEO of Void B.V.

Priscilla Haring-Kuipers

General Manager
Mastodon Website

Events 2024


19-21 April Synth Fest France

16-18 May Superbooth

13-15 June Sonar Festival

19 July Georgie’s Wundergarten

16 August CLUBSYNTH at Landjuweel festival

31 August Dutch Modular Fest

30 November CLUBSYNTH


We are very happy to be working together with:


On Cinematic Laboratory (March, 2023)

On SynthUX Academy (March, 2023)

On The Modular Clubhouse (November, 2021)

On The Audio Programmer (August, 2021)

On Let’s Talk Nerd (July, 2020)

On Molten Modular (May, 2020)

On Podular Modcast (March, 2020)


You can read about our approach to sustainable design and production here.


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// Terms and conditions // Algemene voorwaarden // Complaints // Klachten

Void B.V. is the company behind This is Not Rocket Science and responsible for product quality and sales. We adhere to Dutch law and the home shop terms and conditions which has things like “use as intended” and “performs as should reasonably be expected”. The highlights are that you have two weeks to return your purchase (unused) and we will reimburse you (not for shipping) no questions asked. You also have two years of warranty on our products; if something is incomplete, fails or breaks within that time – while being used as intended – we will repair or replace it. If this happens please contact us at priscilla@thisisnotrocketscience.nl You can also e-mail us there for any questions, complaints or compliments and we will respond within three days.

Void B.V. is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce ID 55918123