Visual Envelope

Our ADSR envelope that shows you what it is doing

The cutting edge of the envelope – Curve your enthusiasm. The beauty of this module is the line of LEDs showing you where the envelope is at. Allowing you to connect what you see with what you hear and getting more visible timing input from your system.

We want to modulate all the things. Edgecutter comes with adjustable curvature so you can tweak the shape of your signal. The Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release parameters all have CV inputs and state/trigger outputs. This envelope contains everything – as far as we are concerned.

Edgecutter sends out all its envelopes to you Sealed With A Loving Kiss.


Walking the envelope is easy with the many features on our Edgecutter:

The GATE – the input that starts and stops the envelope

RETRIG – restarts the A/D cycle while the GATE is open

VELOCITY – is an input to scale the peak of the envelope

TRIGGER – is an illuminated button that enables you to manually start/stop the envelope

A D S R all have knobs and input jacks for CV modulation

MODE BUTTON – you can select between three modes of operation:

  • One-shot mode – a short pulse goes through the entire envelope using the sustain level as an intermediate point
  • Gate mode – after you open the gate the envelope goes through attack and decay and waits for you at sustain until you lower the gate
  • Repeat mode – changes the sustain into a repeating A/D cycle

SPEED BUTTON – use it to can select between a fast or a slow envelope. This changes everything by changing the mapping of the A/D/R parameters as a group:

  • fast envelope
  • slow envelope

CURVATURE – is the place where you can fade between exponential or logarithmic enveloping leading to different curvature or none at all. Turning your knob to the left creates a staggered attack and decay, turning the knob all the way right creates a staggered release.

ENVELOPE OUTPUTS – both outputs send out the envelope but only the curved output passes on the results of your CURVATURE settings and has a signal indicator.

Along the envelope you have output jacks that can send triggers or gates for each state of the envelope – allowing you to VERY precisely chain events in your system

Edgecutter Playlist

Type Envelope generator
Width 12HP
Depth 20mm (skiff friendly)
Power usage +12V 80mA
Power usage -12V  2mA