BigFish is our full fledged synth that started out life as Goldfish; a plug-in on the PocketPC for the Griff sequencer and a Jeskolabuzzmachine in 2002. It’s modular nature comes from Block, a software modular synth that was built to teach audio design with in 2005. The audio engine is going to be awesome. It is already amazing and we are going to develop it even further. 

We have plans that need a keybed with synth-sensibilities that we cannot buy anywhere so we are going to build this keybed ourselves – while also making this keybed available for other synth builders.

BigFish is made for four levels of users:

  1. Musicians – making music with Big Fish as it is
  2. Sound designers – making sounds into BigFish presets
  3. Synth designers – making new synths modular style
  4. Programmers – making DSP to makes synths in BigFish

All this is going to take a while but we are well underway and a gentle estimate for the release of Big Fish might be in May 2026.