Geometric Anomaly

Analog Synthesizer

Two of everything

Our Geometric Anomaly gives you two oscillators, two filters, two envelopes, two VCAs and some switches to flick. This is our guilty pleasure monster (that we made for our live performances). It has everything from dirty bass to fragile leads. No matter if you like it warm, squeaky, harsh or smooth this Anomaly has all your sounds.

Full analog voice

In 2018 we made the RectangularThing “a classic synthesizer with two oscillators, two envelopes, two VCAs, a mixer, a highpass and a lowpass filter and allows you to adjust the hardware on the back to do your own Thing.” Since then we have made some more things and learned a few new tricks that we wanted to add to this beast. We took the inverse SVF filter and the Ladder filter from our Fenix IV and added them. We moved all the jumpers from the back to the front and made them switches. We added glide control and cross modulation between the oscillators as well as a few other tweaks and updates.

Both oscillators are Curtis 3340 (same as RectangularThing) with a saw-tooth, a triangle and a pulse waveform. There are a bunch of modulation inputs and opportunities for interesting cross modulation. Geometric Anomaly has two sub-oscillators that can be directly used or used to alternate between its’ own waveform and the opposite wave.

The first of the two filters is a State Variable Filter which has low-pass, high-pass and band-pass inputs instead of outputs. You can use the routing switches to decide which of the two oscillator to give to which of the three inputs and do spectral morphing. The second filter is a Ladder filter that you can use to tame the SVFed sound.

One envelope is the volume envelope and the other one is a modulation envelope. The volume envelope is hardwired to the internal VCAs while the modulation envelope can be sent to the pitch or the filter cut-offs by setting knobs on the front. Both envelopes have outputs to drive other things.

We presented a prototype at Superbooth24 and won BEST MODULAR from Sonic State “featuring two filters, two envelopes, and a variety of modulation inputs, the Geometric Anomaly offers a comprehensive sound palette with unique cross modulation options. The state variable filter from the Fenix adds versatility to the sound design by enabling spectral morphing and raw, dynamic textures that can be tamed with the final low pass ladder filter.”


More information soon…

We intend to make about 30 units around end of summer 2024 and then release the schematics and boards files so people can make their own Geometric Anomaly – like we did with RectangularThing. We will mostly be selling these directly. If you are interested in getting a Geometric Anomaly email me at or poke me on Discord or Instagram.


Probably around 800 EURO (including tax)


Type analog synth voice
Depth skiff friendly
Power usage +12V FILL IN
Power usage -12V FILL IN