almost Superbooth24

Published by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers on

What are we bringing to Superbooth 24?

Come find us again in Beach Tent No.4

We have just finished another production run of both Wobbler2 the advanced LFO & drumsynth and NextTuesday the procedural sequencer for melodies and we still have some Ardabil & Switch utility modules in stock. So we are of course demoing these.

We are bringing the Bopp & Steve prototype again. We have shown this module last Superbooth and things have progressed. The Brinta granular loop-sampler – a collaboration with Error Instruments – allowed us to dig into granular synthesis and to be able to build a granular tail with time reversals into Bopp & Steve.

The entire inside of Bopp & Steve has been redone. We are waiting on a chip to be released this summer. When this chip comes out, we can start our first production run of Bopp & Steve.

We are also bringing the new and unexpected Geometric Anomaly; a fully analog synth voice with 2 oscillators, 2 filters and 2 envelopes. It’s the offspring of RectangularThing and two filters (ladder and inverted SVF) in the FenixIV. We will be doing a very limited run of 20-30 units and afterwards release the schematics and board files so people can make them themselves. We have this production planned for mid July.

Bopp&Steve will be 440 EUR sales inc tax

Geometric Anomaly will be 820 EUR sales inc tax