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A full kit to build your own TinyGame *console!

So you think you can solder? We think so too!

The TinyGame is made on a custom design circuit board with a tiny OLED screen, powered by an Arm cortex M0. It has beautiful board art and a super frustrating 2-pixel-character platform game called Bitman.

With this kit we hope to demonstrate that designing and building tiny devices using surface mount technology and state of the art OLED is very possibly, even on a shoestring budget. We would like to demonstrate that you can do this by having you build your own TinyGame.

All the tools, designs and code we use to design and build TinyGames are available on our Github page. We took special care to use only freely available software during construction, so that anyone can take our files and continue to build on. The TinyGame is kept open so that you can use it beyond its’ function as a very small game platform.

Check out the TinyGame blogs below and/or click on the Tinygame Build Manual.

Soldering level: beyond Arduino and before iPhone.

*- which will be green, not pink or yellow but electronics green.

Tinygame box contents

Circuit board populated with preprogrammed KL02 microcontroller
Full set of parts
Tiny TINRS programming cable