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ARABIL utility eurorack synthesizer module

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Our ARDABIL utility module allows you to get more out of your modular system.

This is our collection of connections that we think will help you shape and mix your signal through your system. A comfortable module that you might want to keep in the middle of your system.

Adder inputs
Your thread starts with two CV inputs that add together without changing their scaling.
Attenuverter input & knob
You can plug in any CV and let the knob scale your CV up or down -1 to +1 before it is added to your thread.
Offset knob
With this knob you can add a fixed -5V to +5V to your woven signal.
Multiple outputs
Threads into three buffered outputs; one has an LED that lights up when there is a positive signal.
Inverted output
The fourth jack is an inverted output with a LED that lights up when there is a positive signal (which is a negative signal in the other three outputs).
VCA inputs and output
The CV input controls the volume of the audio input into the output. The CV input defaults to the signal from a buffered output.

The whole thread runs
Adder + Attenuverter + Offset into Buffered Outputs
Buffered Output * -1 into Inverted Output
CV (default is Buffered Output) * Audio into VCA Output

Ardabil has two of these threads running through the module
in rotational symmetry

Box contains
Ardabil module with power cable
set of screws and washers

Additional information

with extra Rocket cables

no extra cables, 5x92cm, 2x91cm, 5x92cm & 2x91cm