Buzz Machines

Buzz Machines

Generators and Effects for Jeskola Buzz


A long time – before the dawn of DAWs and the flight of the plugin formats – there was Buzz. Jeskola Buzz. It allowed you to hook up virtual musical instruments and effects in ways previously only available to people with more money than sanity. We were happy.

A lot of our early programming and signal processing efforts centered around Buzz and its community. Here are some of our favourite buzz plugins.


Blok Modular

Modular Synthesizer



Blok Modular is a full-featured software modular synth – therefore it deserves its own page! It is available as a fully native Buzz plugin.

Take me to Blok!


Zephod – Blok
Modular synth & effect construction kit


Aquatic bassline monster



Sometimes you need bass. Lots of it. And now.

GoldFish (and its slightly more slithery version PlatinumFish) can help!

Best paired with ld0d’s tastiest distortion: PlatinumClip


Zephod – Goldfish, Platinumfish and other aquarium disturbers.
Bass oriented synthesizer plugins


Corpulent cats only.



A sound that does not fill space is barely sound at all. My lovely cat Bob was excellent at filling space. Be like Bob.


Zephod – Fatbob
Really Rich Chorus