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written by Roman Buehler

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Brilliant minds come together to play with their combined knowledge.
Stijn Kuipers, Priscilla Haring, Kzrysztof Foltman, Niko Kuipers, Roman Buehler, Lauri Koponen and Roy Bekhuis go on a business adventure trip, experimenting, researching, having fun and gifting all our experiences made and data collected in the process to the world.

There is a post-industrial revolution going on right now in development and manufacturing and we intend to add to it.
We are bold. We are passionate. We are pionneers.


First iteration of the project: 100 hours in Shenzhen – 14 days of tech glory and friendship making, Manufacturing facility tours, chips and LED shopping, mainboard prototyping and lots and lots more!

The extreme timeframe we originally set for this project made it difficult to convince sponsors to support us, so in the end sponsoring is left out for this first iteration of the project. This means, we will be conducting this adventure out of our own pockets.

non-profit, educational option, open source hard/software, fairtrade and responsible manufacturing.

But, This Is Not Rocket Science!
Files and data will be published and shared. Education is the main priority for iteration 1 of the project.

brilliant mind’s interdisciplinary collaboration technology development art design and music project
(a bunch of geeks going wild on a shenzhen shopping trip)