Experiment Board no 2 – halfway

Published by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers on

All 1204 parts have been succesfully soldered on.

However, this does not mean that everything is working already – or that it doesn’t. Most of this board still needs to be tested and/or needs code first in order to be tested.

Thankfully the power works – nothing shorted – and we do already know a few things:

The Wub (tiny version of the Wobbler) is working – the circuit and the LED wiggle are go.

The Chord oscillator works – yeeej – but still needs tuning.

The Wave multiplier does stuff, which is encouraging, but we still need to measure and compare telemetry to the original to see if it is doing the right stuff.

We will be very busy with writing code for Experiment Board no 2, measuring, testing and debugging – luckily our basement is cool during this Dutch heatwave. “Ze smelten de kazen!” 🙂


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