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TINRS proudly presents Tuesday – our procedural sequencer.

LIFT OFF AT SUPERBOOTH17 20-22 April, Berlin

The day you’ve dreamed of is finally here…
Well, the day we have dreamed of is finally here.

At Superbooth17 in Berlin we are launching our melody module for the Eurorack system.
We hope you come and play with it at booth E243. We have other prototypes you can play with: the Wobbler, the Edgecutter and the Big Fish but Tuesday is the only one that is now for sale and has free shipping during Superbooth17.
Tuesday is filled with 13 adjustable algorithms that you can X/Y/! You control musical scale, ticks and beats and you can sync Tuesday with an external clock source or provide your own pace.
The melody is yours…  Carpe Tuesday!

Now available in our shop for €300 – incl VAT.

Free shipping during Superbooth17


100 times Tuesday
We have done a  production run of 100 Tuesdays of which 95 are in the shop.
Should these run out, we will start a waiting list and do another run – with 6 weeks lead time – when the wailing list hits 100.


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