LED Badges

Published by Stijn Kuipers on

Festival season is here!

And since we like glowsticks, but don’t like their nonrecyclable nature – we decided to go all out on a bunch of LED toys!


Each smiley features 20 LEDs in a Charlieplexed setup running on an Atmel Attiny85.

The smiley PCBs were done by DirtyPCBs.com. They arrived VERY fast compared to the usual Chinese boardhouses. One week after ordering – with DHL shipping. The quality is exactly as advertised: Dirty, but good enough where it matters. The silkscreen drifted a bit here and there and the soldermask is not very strong (the copper shines through after some soldering) – BUT – they managed to do 150dpi bitmap silkscreen with no errors.

DirtyPCB smileys Smileys and Dirtystickers and Badge 1

Original design for comparison:

Smiley Design

Eagle Board and Schematic files, together with the code for the firmware will be uploaded shortly!