On a plane to China

Published by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers on

The group for our first mission pooled together in Amsterdam.

At the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport we fell into a tech trap of alluring looking tables with protruding sockets which turned out to have no power
– We hope that Schiphol is busy with an upgrade.

The power may not have been connected but we already connected with a very interesting person doing very interested things before boarding (he fell into the same tech trap). Mr De Kai is a machine learning expert and musician, living in Hong Kong but giving talks all over the planet. We hope to see him perform on all levels in the future.

For now we are grounding ourselves in Hong Kong and catching up on some sleep. Our apartment is perfect – it is tiny and has all the things it promised and its clean. We will have one touristy day tomorrow, before we dive into Shenzhen.

HongKong pic

Daytime in HongKong – the splurging of neon and LED lighting alongside all the old/new mix feels very cyberpunk

HK group dinner

Chinese food in general is very, very tasty – perhaps this was not Chinese food