Superbooth21 ARDABIL + SWITCH

Published by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers on

This Superbooth we can announce two new TiNRS eurorack modules:

ARDABIL and SWITCH – both are interesting utility modules that will enhance any system.


ARDABIL is a block of connections which you can weave your signal through

this modules has precision adders, attenuverters, offsets, (inverted) buffered multiple outputs and VCAs that are all connected







SWITCH is a delightful little module that adds a layer of choice to your system

it has three choices on two paths, times two

that you control with supersatisfying clonky switches






Coming soon!

We are at the golden prototype stage with these modules
(meaning these are the ones we are going to produce)
and we hope to do the run later this year and have them available to you in December.

The ARDABIL will be EUR 200 and the SWITCH will only be available as a set with the ARDABIL for EUR 250
Coming to your favourite synth stores and our online shop



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