Wobbler² launched

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They are out!

Our curious mix of LFO & drum is now available to you. At Perfect Circuit in the US, at Signal Sounds in the UK , Schneidersladen in Germany  and MIDI Amsterdam around our corner. Hopefully at even more stores soon. You can also order from us directly and we will ship anywhere.

The last software tweaks tied everything together and we had a day of recording in a friend’s sound studio for the acoustic drum sample banks. Flashing and packing all of them was just another two night-times of work.

We had a lovely little launch party with friends visiting and playing with our new Wobbler and a super-excited customer came to pick up his Wobbler² personally. We did a livestream that produced among other things, an excellent question about what the cycle outputs do (building interesting Rube Goldberg contraptions). Now we get to play with our Wobbler² some more and hone our demo skills before Superbooth. We will post a few more short wobbling videos on our Instagram in the meantime.

We are eagerly awaiting a proper demo video by Divkid and Robins review (Molten Music). Cinematic Laboratory visited and created a whole story we were not aware of about us. Check out his amazing video. He is also one of the first people that had a Wobbler² in his studio and we are very glad that he seems to be so happy with it, he now has an entire Wobbler² drum section in his system.

The Wobbler² comes to you in a new box.  Our earlier boxes came from far away, with a full-colour print in unfriendly inks and a thin film of plastic lamination. Our new boxes come from recycled EU cardboard, the box factory is in the Netherlands and the ink is water based. We did add two layers of colour ourselves by screen-printing them with biodegradable ink.  We will use the same black cardboard box with module specific screen-printing for all our modules now. Our Ardabil & Switch stock is still in the ‘old boxes’ and after these run out, we will black box them too.

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