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What can I say? If you were there, you probably already know and if you weren’t there you can only stare at the pictures and be jealous.
It was great. Really great. Supergreat. Anyone will tell you, it was the best.
This was our first dip in the synth-community at large and it was awesome.

For three days we have been bouncing around with you guys. Manufacturers, media and musicians alike.
Three very long days – but no matter, absolutely worth it. It has been really, really great to see so many of you interact with the Tuesday and get along right away. Plug and play. Most of you were also interested in our double LFO Wobbler, our visual envelope Edgecutter and some even spied the Goldfish – who is still growing into the BigFish. We’ve had a few good ideas for further development on these three modules and have already started to redesign one. You are an inspiration.

Almost every conversation and demonstration we had was a happy one. We have talked to some of the manufacturers we like and even swapped some modules. We have a swag-bag filled with invitations and invited people to come over to visit, jam or build at our place. The sheer volume of awesome interactions is a definite highlight for us.

Everybody loved Syntonovo and their PoP expressive keyboard. These guys were not just our neighbours at Superbooth, but the reason we were there in the first place. Our circuits are inside the PoP and it has been a joyous honour to have been working with them for almost a year now. So we shared in the enthusiasm they received and it immediately sparked further design conversations. Plans are afoot.

Guiding two blind musicians in using the Tuesday (clocked by the Roland and voiced by the xOx) in German and experiencing their joy. She literally squealed. That was a highlight.

This one guy who was very careful at first (Can I touch this? I don’t know how this works…) and then lost his shit about two minutes later. There has been much bobbing of heads to our demo set-up but this guy bobbed his whole body like a loaded spring while screaming “I don’t even care! This is awesome!”. Some other guy caught this party on his mobile phone, so I gave him one of our stickers and pleaded with him to send me the vid (Sir, if you are reading this – please send it to us ). The joy of this man jumping up and down to Tuesday was a fantastic sight to be seen.

Jam sessions at the end of the day. Three Tuesdays plugged in, two of us patching and knobbing the showracks and one of us adding voice. Sometimes it just comes together.

Overall, it has been really, really great. We think you will be hearing more of us. Oh, yes you will.

All the best,

TINRS team


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