In the Novena

Published by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers on

At the Shenzhen Maker Faire  we spotted Bunnie and had ourselves a little chat. We explained the concept behind TINRS and he fully agreed with showing the world that stuff can be done. When he asked if we had a sticker we offered a choice selection of our cut outs and – to our surprise – he pulled out a new Novena and stuck us inside.

IMG_20140406_135555 IMG_20140406_135554

Check out the Novena laptop on Crowdsupply. All the design files for the Novena laptop are freely available (hardware and firmware!). This, combined with the fact that it features a powerful built-in FPGA chip for advanced interfacing makes it poised to be the new ultimate hacker/maker laptop. We can’t wait for this project get in to the hands of the hackercommunity to see what amazing reverse engineering tools they come up with. Read Bunnies blog here about the idea behind the laptop, the design decisions and its proces.

Cheers Bunnie for leading the way (and sticking us inside) – enjoy the stroopwafels.