Roman visiting SepiCN and MakeBlock

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blog written by Roman Buehler

Yesterday I temporarily separated from my beloved TINRS-friends and went to Zhuhai, where I met my other lovely friend John Wang. I and my brother met him for the first time in our China Trip 2011, when we crisscrossed China on a different kind of business adventure trip in only 12 days. Which was very stupid. And very stressful. And totally overkill. And the best holiday I have ever had. Except that now this China trip may even surpass my last one.
John drove me through a wonderful landscape of Chinese hills and seascapes as we went to see his new LED factory, SepiCN. He has some new products, one of them seems to be based on an idea that we discussed three years ago: a single 50x50cm, 40watts LED material, that illuminates not from a single point, but a wide area; it is not rim mounted LED’s which reflect upon a refractive glass, but the actual material illuminates, creating a diffuse light. AWESOMENESS!
We went on to discuss a few possibilities of what could be done with such lighting, and we’ll see what happens in the next few years.

Shenzhen 2 121Today TINRS had an appointment with the awesome people of Makeblock – WOOOHOOO! We visited their office and warehouse, where they showed us around and revealed the new parts they have in development. Shenzhen 2 142We even got to give them some input on a few specific things, some new parts that we thought could be very interesting to have.

Things that hopefully benefit Makeblock and everyone else that builds things with their products! We spent almost the entire morning there and did a small on-site shopping tour, where Stijn and Krzysztof selected quite a few parts that they were kind of missing in their arsenal of Makeblock materials.

After giving some gifts from the Netherlands and Switzerland, we went on to do the first fitting at our tailor Jeri C in Luohu Shopping Mall. The suits fit perfectly and are very comfortable.

We’ll have another busy day tomorrow, and we are going to visit the Seeed Studio people to see their awesome stuff live and in Technicolor!