WOBBLER launch

Published by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers on

After much audio designing and a few hardware prototypes we were ready to do a production run of our Wobbler in September 2017.

A fantastic reason for another trip to Shenzhen to visit the factory and to bring home our new modules. Visiting the city where ‘the future happened some time ago’ felt like returning to a good friend – with much bubble tea and bbq. Unfortunately, the production run did not go as planned. Some delays and necessary rework meant that instead of our planned release in November 2017 we were very happy to launch our Wobbler on 23.03.2018.

We released our advanced lfo with a party at our house in Amsterdam, and invited modularheads for cake and a Wobble. We pulled out a set-up with multiple Wobblers & other TiNRS modules and prototypes to play with. Cheers!


Please enjoy some earlier Wobbler versions below and find the current Wobbler here


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